Sheep and Goats for This Month


Providence House

Providence House is one of the nation's longest operating crisis nurseries among the 70+ in operation in the US and Canada today offering emergency shelter and care to children who are actively at risk for abuse and neglect due to family crisis. More than a shelter for at-risk children, the agency offers holistic services for children and their families including education, mentoring, case management and aftercare focused on family preservation.
With over 34 years of experience, we also support the longest length of stay among nurseries in the US and the broadest range of services beyond children’s emergency shelter to promote family stability, self-sufficiency, and permanency.
For too many families in crisis, an extended family does not exist, neighbors can’t be trusted, and home can be a dangerous place – if they have one at all. To escape from a violent partner, receive care for a medical crisis or mental health issues, or seek treatment for addiction, many parents must face long-term, and often permanent, loss of their children to the foster care system. For many, it’s not a choice. They, and their children, fight a daily battle to survive - together.
Now, they have an opportunity to thrive. At Providence House we have cared for and helped thousands of at-risk families and children through the unique, holistic Crisis Intervention and Family Preservation Programs in our Crisis
The congregation of St Paul Lutheran in Berea has been helping to support Providence House for many years and has contributed to their building project. For more information on the new wing as well as a more detailed description of what Providence House does for families, please see their website www.provhouse.org
This year we are collecting gift cards as well as event passes. These will help with the day-to-day expenses as well as give the children various field trips and outings. The following gift cards are suggested:
Target, Walmart, Giant Eagle, Dave’s Supermarket, Office Depot/Office Max, Staples, Original Mattress Factory, and any Gas Cards.