Dear Friends,
Sometimes when you have been in a long-term relationship, you can fall into some bad habits in terms of
communication. That can happen in a long-term relationship between a pastor and congregation as well. I
think I may have fallen into the habit of treating you more like customers than fellow members and workers. In the congregation, there are many tasks, big and small, that need to be done to make things go smoothly. Some, like council or choir can be visible, others less so. Currently we have a need for folks to serve as ushers, greeters, money counters, and members of the audit committee. Most of these would require no more than an hour once a month. The audit committee once or twice a year (no accounting knowledge needed). I would ask you to please consider offering your time and talent in one of these areas. The church works best when no one (or small group of folks) do everything, but everyone does something.

On a similar note, when a congregation begins searching for a new pastor, the most common things on the wish list are more members and more young families. There is no program or marketing strategy that will grow a congregation long term. A pastor, even the most dynamic, is not going to have people lining up to join the church. The thing that drives and grows the church is personal invitation. If you would like to see our congregation grow, it is in your hands. Word of mouth and personal invitation make all the difference in the world. Who might you invite? Who will you invite?

I’m looking forward to joining 10 of our young people at our work camp in Pittsburgh. I hope you find some time for relaxation and rest this summer.

God bless,
Pastor Henderson